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A trip to Rome is as much about lapping up the dolce vita lifestyle as gorging on art and culture. Idling around picturesque streets, whiling away hours at streetside cafes, people-watching on pretty piazzas – these are all an integral part of the Roman experience. The tempo rises as the heat of the day gives way to the evening cool and the fashionably dressed aperitivo (pre-dinner drinks) crowd descends on the city's bars and cafes.

Tokyo feels limitless in size and scope and often seems more like a collection of cities than one cohesive whole. At the centre is the Imperial Palace. To the east of the palace is the old city, the historic downtown that came to life during the feudal era (when a castle stood where the palace is today). Here, in neighbourhoods like Ueno and Asakusa, the attractions have a more traditional slant: there are museums, shrines and temples, historic restaurants and artisan workshops.

TOUR KUOTA PESERTA – IDR 2Pax 3-6Pax 7-9Pax 10Pax Hotel Mitra/Mustika 1.750.000,- 1.475.000,- 1.400.000,- Call us Hotel CasaBeach (*) 1.825.000,- 1.550.000,- 1.500.000,- Call us Hotel Central City (**) 1.950.000,- 1.700.000,- 1.580.000,- 1.525.000,- Hotel Golden Tulip(***) 2.010.000,- 1.800.000,- 1.700.000,- 1.600.000,- Hotel Maxone (***) 2.100.000,- 2.000.000,- 1.850.000,- 1.700.000,- Hotel Bahama (***) 2.160.000,- 1.850.000,- 1.800.000,- 1.750.000,- Hotel BW...


Trip to Ancient Rome

RP1300 per person
5 Days

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