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This is a city that staged a revolution, was headquartered by Nazis, bombed to bits, divided in two and finally reunited – and that was just in the 20th century! Walk along remnants of the Berlin Wall, marvel at the splendour of a Prussian palace, visit Checkpoint Charlie or stand in the very room where the Holocaust was planned. Berlin is like an endlessly fascinating 3D textbook where the past is very much present wherever you go.

TOUR KUOTA PESERTA – IDR 2Pax 3-6Pax 7-9Pax 10Pax Hotel Mitra/Mustika 1.750.000,- 1.475.000,- 1.400.000,- Call us Hotel CasaBeach (*) 1.825.000,- 1.550.000,- 1.500.000,- Call us Hotel Central City (**) 1.950.000,- 1.700.000,- 1.580.000,- 1.525.000,- Hotel Golden Tulip(***) 2.010.000,- 1.800.000,- 1.700.000,- 1.600.000,- Hotel Maxone (***) 2.100.000,- 2.000.000,- 1.850.000,- 1.700.000,- Hotel Bahama (***) 2.160.000,- 1.850.000,- 1.800.000,- 1.750.000,- Hotel BW...


Colorful Berlin

RP490 per person
5 Days

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